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Visit by SOKA University, Japan

On 12 July 2018, a delegate of 8 students and 1 professor from the Graduate School of Teacher Education, SOKA University, Japan, visited AJC to learn more about the Singapore education system.

School Visit by SOKA University Japan.JPG

Through engaging in various activities, such as attending a presentation by the School Leaders, observing a GP lesson, and having a lunch dialogue with teachers, the delegate gained greater insights into the JC curriculum.

Student Rie said, "AJC has a variety of programs, and I felt that their teachers valued the individuality and potential of each and every student. I will keep in mind your educational efforts while carrying out educational activities at my future schools."

Professor Satoshi commented, "From observing the class of AJC, I felt that students are enthusiastic for learning and have high motivation. The exchange with the teachers at lunch was fun and meaningful." 

 We have also learnt much from the visitors and we would like to wish our visitors all the best!