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Destination Imagination Tournament 2018

On 7 April, a team of 7 JC2 students took part in the national Destination Imagination Tournament 2018. This year, a total of 75 teams ranging from Elementary Level to Secondary Level took part in the competition.

The team’s chosen Science Challenge requires them to design an attraction showcasing 3 science concepts, demonstrate its operation in a team chosen unlikely location and present their solution in a skit.

We are pleased to announce that the team clinched Championship at the Secondary level, Scientific Challenge category of Destination Imagination 2018.
The team members are:
1. Richmond Sin (01/17)
2. Leong Huen Weng, Shawn (04/17)
3. Chionh Zhentao Jeryl (19/17)
4. Brigitta Dica Budijono (19/17)
5. Sim Yi Lin (20/17)
6. Mong Juin Hwagye (20/17)
7. Udayagiri Nikhila Sai (17/17)

Destination Imagination Tournament 2018.jpg
Destination Imagination Tournament 2018_2.jpg
We would like to thank the team’s Team Managers for guiding the students. They are Ms Ang Feng Ling and Mr Lionel Loh. We would also like to give special mention to Mr Chew Tse Yong and Mr Kelvin Soo for supporting the teams in their science research.