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Dance Society Overseas Immersion Programme to Seoul

A group of 36 JC1 and JC2 students from the Dance Society (Contemporary and Hip Hop) led by 4 teachers left for Seoul, South Korea in the morning of 25th May 2018. 

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The main highlight of the programme was the school visits to Seoul Global High School and Hyundai High School. The hospitality of both greatly touched us and the lessons (Economics, Physical Education and K-Pop Culture) we attended there gave us great insights into the culture and the student-centred learning styles adapted by the two schools. We also exchanged contacts and look forward to Seoul Global High School's visit to Anderson Junior College in October. 

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The other highlight of the trip would be the dance immersion programmes with Cbtanz Dance Academy, Dark Circles Contemporary and Seoul Tanz Station where we learnt and experienced various dance genres such as Contemporary Ballet, Traditional Korean dance, Contemporary, Street Jazz and K-Pop dance from renowned dancers such as Mr Kim Hwan Hee (Cbtanz) and Mr Jo Hyun Sang (Dark Circles). This trip had indeed been an eye opener for the Dance Society members!

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