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On 10th March 2018, the 11th edition of AGNI was organised successfully by AJC TLDDS. AGNI, Fire has always played a crucial role in the Indian culture through the ages. In 1999, AJC TLDDS held its first Indian cultural show aptly named, AGNI. Striving to promote Tamil language and the essence of Indian culture and arts, AGNI nurtures the unity between junior colleges’ and centralised institutes’ Indian cultural societies. AGNI comprises three aspects Dance, Singing and Drama. These reflect Iyal (Literature), Isai (Music), Nadagam(Drama), the three core aspects of Tamil culture. These competitions enable AJC TLDDS to uphold its core values, to develop and spread the use of Tamil Language, promote creativity and develop talent. We are proud that many from our AGNI family are now part in the media profession.