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Anderson JC and Serangoon JC to Merge

Anderson Junior College (AJC) and Serangoon Junior College (SRJC) will merge in January 2019. The merged JC will start operations in January 2019, at the existing AJC site. 

AJC will continue its operations as per normal in 2018, and will be taking in JC1 students on behalf of the merged JC for 2018. SRJC will continue its operations for its JC2 students in 2018 until their graduation, and will not be taking in JC1 students for 2018. Students who are interested to gain admission through DSA to the merged JC in 2019 can refer to the AJC website for more details. 

The merged JC is not starting from scratch. It carries over 60 years of heritage from the two colleges. Even with a renewed identity, the needs and aspirations of students will continue to be the utmost priority in the merged junior college. The range and quality of academic and non-academic programmes can be expected to strengthen with the combined wisdom and resources from both colleges. Our teachers look forward to learning and working together, and one thing remains at the heart of teaching - the commitment to do our best to support our students’ learning. 


Should you have any queries with regard to the merger, please send us an email at: 
anderson_jc@moe.edu.sg or srjc@moe.edu.sg.

For information about the context of the merger, please refer to this press release by MOE.

Yours sincerely, 
Anderson Junior College and Serangoon Junior College