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AJCares College Clean-up 2015

Getting Students to Care About Their Environment

What started off as a simple spring cleaning idea for Chinese New Year eventually blossomed into a college-wide initiative for students to show appreciation to non-teaching staff in school. On 21st January, the Character and Citizenship Education Department of Anderson Junior College launched ‘AJCares’ - a college clean-up effort by students and teachers to show appreciation for the efforts put in by the aunties and uncles who help keep their environment clean day in day out. It taught students not to take the non-teaching staff for granted as they realised, through a mass civics presentation, that many of the staff go out of their way to make their learning environment conducive in little ways.

The clean-up, which involved homerooms, the canteen and hall, also helped to fuel the ‘Non Mihi Solum’ spirit in students. Latin for ‘Not For Myself Alone’, the college motto rang loud and true that day with many students going beyond their ‘assigned’ areas to clean up benches, railings and even the teachers’ pigeon holes outside the staff room. Principal Mr Lee Seng Hai as well as three Vice-Principals also joined in to get their hands dirty, cleaning the school hall, railings and the classroom windows.

The college hopes that this effort will spark the flame of kindness in students to keep giving and showing appreciation to the people around them!