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AJ Open House: Iridescence 2014

The theme of this year’s Open House, IRIDESCENCE, is a reflection of the vibrant JC life in AJC, one that is full of varied experiences and not solely focused on academic excellence. And on 15th January, 2014, the entire college warmly welcomed aspiring AJCians and visiting parents to the lustrous interplay of colourful energy at AJC. On that day, our passionate student leaders doubled up as knowledgeable tour guides to help our guests feel at home in AJC’s endearing, yet vibrant environment. Guests were taken on a tour of the college’s facilities, and introduced to the numerous CCAs which AJC has to offer prospective students. They were invited to meet our Principal at his welcome address, and were encouraged to speak with teachers about specific subjects as well as college life in AJC.

The college also prepared a whole gamut of events and activities! From performances stages in the hall to a flash mob which culminated in a mass dance, guests were constantly entertained. In addition, mini-performances in the school canteen delighted our visitors who were already taking part in the numerous hands-on games and activities offered at the various CCA booths. It was clear to see that the college was on a high throughout Open House as AJCians eagerly shared their iridescent college experiences with their prospective juniors.