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AJ Marketplace

Bustling atmosphere, money changing hands, people shouting at the top of their voices…

Anyone would mistake the AJ Hall for a marketplace, and why not?

The first ever AJ Marketplace was held on 28 January, 2014, where AJCians took charge and shared various student-initiated project ideas such as ‘Have Your Say@AJLive’, ‘CCA Exchange’ and ‘Project U-Turn’ with their school mates. Using this event as a platform to share and co-develop potential ideas for college improvement, these AJCians set up ‘stalls’ to sell their ideas to their peers through creative means such as captivating posters and placards as well as display of their products. Insightful videos related to innovation were also played on the Hall screen and students were also engaged in solving puzzles and brain teasers in a special booth set up at the back of the Hall.

Marketplace dollars (M$) were also given out to all students so that they could ‘pay’ those project groups which won them over.  Students who have contributed the best suggestion during the session were also rewarded with vouchers from the school Café.

With the close of the first ever AJ Marketplace, hopefully more AJCians are inspired to come forward with their fresh ideas!