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30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony & Tray Return Project

On 19th of February 2014, AJC rocked the launch of our 30th Anniversary Celebrations with a nationwide Tray Return Project. Graced by Guest-of-Honour, Mr Seng Han Thong, Adviser to Yio Chu Kang Grassroots Organisations, this unique event was one filled with meaning. Through the decades, our motto Non Mihi Solum continues to be passed on with each generation, resounding within our community and living in our hearts. It is in this kindred spirit that 1600 students and 150 teachers worked hand in hand to encourage members of the community to return their trays and work towards a cleaner society.

At 30 hawker centres nation-wide, our students had an interesting time speaking to members of the public and encouraging them to return their trays through the use of posters, balloons and even performances! Some of them share their experiences here:

“Many people were curious as to what we were doing at the market, and as we explained our college’s initiative, they were surprised but delighted that we were involved in such a meaningful project. This gave us the confidence to continue encouraging other members of the public.”

- Adabel Tan Kai Ying, PDG 23/14

“Even though there were challenges, most of the patrons listened attentively to our pitches and we were truly grateful for their attention.”

- Mohamed Ridzuan S/o Abu Bakar, PDG 22/14

“Personally, I enjoyed this initiative by our school. Even though we were rejected umpteen times by patrons, this experience has allowed us to develop the spirit of determination and learn that we cannot be easily disheartened.”

- Toh Wei Xiong, PDG 22/13

“Through this experience, I have learnt that one is not to be disheartened by rejection but should continue to push on so as to make a difference in society.”

- V Janani, PDG 31/14

Although there were hiccups along the way, AJCians were resilient and pushed on to encourage the patrons to perform this small act of kindness that means the world to the cleaners there.

To end off, the launch of Anderson Junior College’s 30th Anniversary with a nationwide Tray Return Project could not have been a better experience. Kudos to everyone who have worked hard on this project! Finally, let us continue displaying our Non Mihi Solum spirit. Together we can achieve much more for our community!