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"Flows of Green, Flows of Water and Flows of People" - AJC Students' CUBE Project 2013

“Flows of Green, Flows of Water and Flows of People” – AJC Students’ CUBE Project 2013 attained a Certificate of Commendation

A group of ten JC1 H1 and H2 Geography students participated in The Challenge for the Urban and Built Environment (CUBE) held at the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) from 12 – 15 November 2013. After going through a series of lectures on the fundamentals of urban design and critique panels on their proposal to build 3600 water-front dwelling units on a plot of land near the Kallang Basin, our students attained a certificate of commendation and a cash prize of 400 SGD for their hard work. In line with the college’s motto of Non Mihi Solum (‘Not for Myself Alone’ spirit), the team has donated 25% of the cash prize to AJC students covered by the Financial Assistance Scheme.

The students’ proposal was aimed at cultivating a verdant, vibrant yet versatile environment which would fully maximise land use while enlivening the surrounding estates with greenery. This vision is achieved through the incorporation of three main flows: flows of green, flows of water and flows of people. First, ‘flows of green’ can be understood literally in terms of the dense foliage that would connect existing scattered clusters of trees into a continuous green corridor. The invocation of the term ‘green’ also alludes to an environmentally sustainable approach – for instance, buildings will be fitted with vertical greens and installed with solar panels. Second and relatedly, the reference to ‘flows of water’ is testament to an awareness of the locale’s urban hydrology. Our apartment blocks are designed to be functionally versatile in nature, capable of reducing excessive overland flow while making space for the storage of rainwater. Third, the implementation of a festival marketplace in the form of a local bazaar fringing the river endeavours to embody the unique history and character of the site. Hopefully, this enhances public access to this area and would encourage people, even those from the central city, as well as neighbouring estates, to converge at the waterfront.  In this view, there is a confluence in the ‘flows of water’ and ‘flows of people’ where individuals from all walks of life meet for an invigorating exchange of ideas and lives.  

“Not only did CUBE provide the platform for us to gain insights on urban planning and architecture, it also provided an opportunity for us to meet people from all walks of life – students from other institutions, including architects and other professionals. This experience has triggered me to think about a possible future career in urban design and planning.”
Gladys, 32/13

“CUBE has allowed me a glimpse into the world of architecture. This experience has been a genre-specific mind-stretcher for me. I now have a deeper insight into how market forces (demand and supply) shape our urban landscape. I have also gained a heartfelt appreciation of how a thoughtful, liveable and well-designed urban environment, such as Singapore, requires planners to take into account many competing factors. For example, efforts have been made to conserve rich cultural quarters, to ensure that there are sufficient open air public spaces while not sacrificing economic growth in the city.”
Theck Sean, 32/13