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School & Sports Safety Resources

Parent - School Partnership for Student Safety and Well-being
The college closely follows the Ministry of Education guidelines for safety in sports and student activities. Before a sport or an activity is introduced to the student, a Risk Analysis is done by the teacher in-charge.

Your child/ward will be attending a number of excursions and activities organised by the college. Many of these are low-risk activities which require minimal or no supervision by teachers. Here is a list of typical low-risk activities:
  • Visits to exhibitions, museums and art galleries
  • Attendance at public performances, concerts and plays
  • Community service such as visits to old folks' homes or selling of flags
  • Learning Journeys, e.g. visits to religious institutions and government /public institutions
  • Support college teams at sports and games competitions
  • Seminars, workshops and other external academic competitions

We would like to request that you provide a blanket agreement to allow your child/ward to participate in these low-risk activities carried out during the entire duration of his/her education in the college. The college will also take the necessary safety precautions. In addition, your consent allows your child's/ward's personal particulars to be disclosed to external organizations for administrative purposes only. The consent form covering low-risk activities will be sent to you through your child/ward in Term 2.

The college will continue to seek parental consent when we organize 'higher-risk' activities through separate consent forms meant for these activities. Such activities include:
  • Outdoor Adventure Club activities
  • Fieldwork at outdoor sites and CCA Camps
  • Overseas excursions and international service learning projects
  • Special sports e.g. rock climbing.

To ensure a safe environment for the students, we also seek your help in following the directions given by the traffic wardens when you drive into college for events or when dropping/picking your child/ward. This is especially important during wet mornings when there could be traffic jams and visibility is poor.

Please do contact our School Counsellor in the event that you notice your child/ward is emotionally or physically affected, especially during examination periods and after the announcement of exam results. The School Counsellor can be reached at 81280144 from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.