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Servant & Ethical Leadership

Our unique two-tiered leadership programme ensures that all AJCians are exposed to essential leadership skills and stretched in leadership experiences. The differentiated approach recognises that every AJCian is a leader in the making, while giving extensive leadership opportunities to student leaders.

Tier 1
All AJCians are given opportunities to attend leadership awareness seminars conducted by external agencies and teacher trainers. The JC2s get to lead the JC1s during class bonding sessions and college events. 

Tier 2
Student councillors, CCA Executive Committee members, class leaders and Alpha students attend leadership courses to stretch their leadership capacities. Elected student leaders also attend the in-house training camp, the Alpha Bravo Camp, to build leadership, teamwork and resilience through rigorous activities and experiential learning. The college also offers authentic leadership experiences, through student-run events which put student leaders through the whole process of planning, co-ordination, execution and review, under the guidance of teachers. 

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