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Our School Counsellor is:

Mr Lionel Chan Tel: 8128 0144

Location: Rm 13-26
Hours: Mondays - Fridays 8.30 am - 5.30pm
Email: vosnonsolum@gmail.com

Crisis Hotline (After office hours):
For personal crisis matters after office hours, you can call the:

   SOS (Samaritans of Singapore) Hotline: 1800 221 4444 (24 hours)
   Pregnancy Crisis Service: 6339 9770 (24 hours)
   MUM-TO-BE Hotline: 1800-Mum-to-be (1800-686-86-23)
   关怀800热线 (Mandarin only): 1800 3535 800(Daily: 10am - 10pm, except public holidays)
   Family Service Centre: 1800 838 0100

You can and should still contact the Student Counsellor the next working day during office hours after you have spoken to any of the above services. 

  • Services Provided: Individual Counselling, Career Guidance 

  • What is counselling? 
    Counselling simply refers to the process of talking to a trained professional in the aim of addressing any social, emotional or psychological issues that a person may have.

  • How is counselling done? 
    In AJC, counselling is usually done one-to-one in the counselling room. This is done so as to provide a conducive and safe environment for effective counselling to take place. In unique situations, counselling may be done in a group setting. All sessions are kept confidential EXCEPT when there is reason to believe that the client will: 
    1. Cause harm to self.
    2. Cause harm to other.
    3. Commit a crime under Singapore Law.

  • How long will counselling lasts? 
    A single session will usually last for about 45mins to an hour. The number of sessions will depend on the nature of the issue that is being dealt with. Termination of the sessions can either be initiated by the counsellor or the client.

  • Do I need to make an appointment? 
    The counselling service works on an appointment system. An appointment can be made either through SMS or email. The contact info can be found above. Students can also walk-in, although a prior appointment is preferred. In certain cases a teacher may refer a student to the counsellor. In such cases the counsellor will contact the student to arrange for an appointment.

  • How much do I need to pay? 
    The counselling service in AJC is rendered free of charge. In the event that a referral is made to external parties for assessment or related services, the cost involved will be determined solely by the external agencies.