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Educational Philosophy & Framework

The AJC Teaching and Learning (T&L) Framework presents the teaching and learning system adopted by all academic departments to develop student competencies in the cognitive domain. The T&L framework provides the direction for IP departments' action plans to support the school's strategic thrusts, and ensures greater coherence in the T&L processes across the various IP departments.

The AJC T&L Framework is represented by three gears in an inner ring enclosed by an outer ring. The inner ring articulates the three core components of our teaching and learning system - Objectives, Assessment, and Instruction, each represented by a gear. Each component is further defined to reflect the design principles behind them. The interlocking gears illustrate the inter-dependence between the three components with learning objectives driving the design of the curriculum and its assessment tasks and instructional approaches. The outer ring represents the desired student outcomes in the cognitive domain (Self-Directed Learners, Critical and Innovative Thinkers and Effective Communicators) which are aligned with our college vision as well as key 21st century skills that MOE has identified.

AJC Teaching and Learning Framework.png
AJC Teaching and Learning Framework

To implement such a system synergistically, AJC adopts the Understanding by Design (UbD) approach to guide meaningful curriculum design, utilises Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) as the main platform to support professional development and collaboration of teachers towards achieving student learning goals, and harnesses info-communication technologies (ICT) to support self-directed and collaborative learning.