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Q1. How do I qualify for a 2-year JC course?

The aggregate of the First Language (L1) and 5 relevant subjects (R5) is computed automatically by the Ministry of Education to determine if you qualify for a 2-year JC course.

First language (L1) refers to English/Higher Mother Tongue 

The relevant 5 subjects (R5) must include:
Subject 1 - Humanities/Higher Art/Higher Music
Subject 2 - Mathematics/Science
Subject 3 - Humanities/Higher Art/Higher Music/Mathematics/Science
Subject 4 - Any O-level subject (excluding Religious Knowledge and CCA)
Subject 5 - Any O-level subject (excluding Religious Knowledge and CCA)

For admission to a junior college, a student must obtain an L1R5 aggregate not exceeding 20 points. The English grade must be at least a C6; Mother Tongue at least a D7 and Mathematics at least a D7.

Q2. What are the cut-off points for the various streams?

Individual JCs do not determine the cut-off points. Admission is mostly based on the number of vacancies available as well as the results of students who apply to the JC. Here are the L1R5 cut-off points (after deduction of bonus points) to gain admission to Anderson Junior College and Serangoon Junior College in 2017 :

 Anderson Junior College Serangoon Junior College

With the upcoming merger of four pairs of JCs, the remaining JCs will be able to increase their intake of students in the 2018 JAE. This may result in an increase in cut-off points for participating JCs in the 2018 JAE. Such variations do not reflect the quality of the JCs or their programmes. 

Source: MOE, https://www.moe.gov.sg/admissions/joint-admissions-exercise

Q3. Can I use bonus points to gain admission to AJC?

Yes. The following table illustrates the possible cases where bonus points can be used:

Obtained a CCA Grade 'A' from your secondary school


Obtained CCA Grades 'B' & 'C' from your secondary school


Have grades A1 to C6 in both their first languages (i.e. English and a Higher Mother Tongue).


*Note: there are no secondary schools that are affiliated to Anderson Junior College.


Q4. What are the college's criteria for students to offer certain subjects?

Typically, to offer a subject at the H2 level, students should have offered the relevant subject at ‘O’ level and obtained a C6 or better.

For specific subjects, we recommend that you speak with our teachers during Open House, which is held one day after the release of the ‘O’ level results, to find out more.

Q5. What are the college's criteria for students to offer subject combinations comprising 4H2 subjects?

A subject combination comprising 3H2 and 1 H1 content-based subjects is the norm. For students who would like to stretch themselves academically and offer 4 H2 subjects, we recommend that you should at least have a L1R5 (raw) score of 10 or better.