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Vision, Mission, Values


Passionate Learners, Adventurous Thinkers, Caring Leaders

Passionate Learners
Our students and teachers actively seek new opportunities to develop themselves in different ways. Our students are self-directed learners - they are curious, resourceful, and driven to seek deep understandings. Our teachers lead learning and are inspiring educators. The college is a dynamic learning community where students and teachers embrace lifelong learning and scale new heights of excellence.

Adventurous Thinkers
Our students and teachers are empowered to think beyond conventional means, take risks and explore new frontiers in an encouraging environment. They initiate change, spearhead innovations, and create individual and collective experiences which enrich their community. They show resilience and perseverance in pursuing their convictions, yet remain flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.

Caring Leaders
Our students and teachers serve with purpose and enthusiasm, as encapsulated by the college motto "Non Mihi Solum". Imbued with a strong sense of compassion and social conscience, they champion positive change, inspiring others and building the community.


To mould men and women of purpose & character

AJC provides a holistic education to nurture our students into socially responsible men and women. Through a values-driven education, our students espouse the college values of integrity, commitment, learning, social conscience and synergy. In an environment which fosters an inquiring culture and a spirit of enterprise, students explore their interests, expand their perspectives and build on their capabilities to achieve new levels of excellence. The AJC experience enables our students to discover their passion, fulfill their aspirations and serve society as active citizens, founded by character and anchored in purpose.


Integrity, Commitment, Learning, Social Conscience, Synergy

Integrity - We are guided by the principle of integrity and are accountable for our actions
Commitment - We are dedicated to the fulfillment of our goals and responsibilities
Learning - We embrace learning opportunities to be adaptable in the face of constant change
Social Conscience - We consider others in our actions and act in the best interests of our community
Synergy - Together, we can achieve greater things