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Combined Humanities Field Trip and Cultural Exchange to Hanoi, Vietnam


From 30 November to 4 December 2016, 29 Geography and History students and 3 teachers embarked on a 5D4N Combined Humanities Field Trip and Cultural Exchange to Hanoi, Vietnam. Overall, I was delighted to be part of the team that richly experienced and critically learnt concepts of space and time beyond our classrooms.

During the tour, explored various geographical and historical sites in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam and the nation’s second largest city. The trip itinerary was well-planned and places of interest we visited were of direct relevance to our learning objectives. Historically, we gained a deeper understanding of the Cold War by immersing ourselves at symbolically rich venues such as the Ho Chi Minh Complex, Vietnamese Museum of Ethnology and the National Museum of Vietnamese History.

Combined Humanities Field Trip 1.JPG

Geographically, students were able to relate the knowledge learnt in class to the processes underlying the formation of tropical karst landscapes as we ventured through Ha Long Bay. There were just too many places to list out in the whirlwind tour!

Combined Humanities Field Trip 2.JPG

However, one place that left me the greatest impression was the Nguyen Tat Thanh High School (NTT), our College twinning school. The school welcomed us with open arms extending their traditionally warm-hearted Vietnamese hospitality with a series of charming musical performances. We were given tours around the school complex, sat in their lively classrooms and even had the chance to play a friendly basketball match with the school's basketball players. It was definitely an enriching experience to visit the school as we learnt more about the local culture through interactions with the students.

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Overall, this trip has increased my regional awareness and socio-cultural sensitivities while concomitantly instilling in me a greater rootedness to Singapore.

Written by Woo Hui Wen (PDG 19/16)