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Parent Support Group (PSG)


AJC PSG Founding Members (2013)

AJC set up its inaugural Parent Support Group (PSG) in 2013 which comprises a group of parent volunteers from both JC1 and JC2, supported by the School Leaders and teachers from the Engagement & Partnerships Department.

The PSG plays an important role as a bridge between parents and college to strengthen home-school partnership in support of students’ holistic development. The PSG also serves as a conduit for two-way communication so that parents are kept up-to-date and able to provide constructive feedback on college policies and programmes.

In 2016, the PSG supported the college’s Late Night Study Programme by organising two runs of the Night Study Dinner – in the weeks leading up the JC2 Preliminary Examinations and the A-Level Examinations, they raised funds and catered food for students who were staying in college till late for their exam revision. They also supported college activities by setting up their own booth during AJ Family Day and preparing thoughtful farewell gifts for all JC2 students for the JC2 Farewell Assembly.

The PSG has some exciting plans for 2017, including: networking sessions with prospective parents during Open House and the JC1 Principal-Parents Meeting (PPM), and continuing their support for the Late Night Study programme.

If you would like to join the AJC PSG or support the PSG in any way, please email the following details to andersonjc.psg@gmail.com
Name of parent(s) , email address & contact number
Name of child and PDG

We look forward to your support for the AJC PSG!